Why use Maple bats over Ash?

Hard maple is one of the hardest woods available and much stronger than Ash.  The hard wood maple is very hard, dense, and close grained where ash is more of a flex bat and the grains are further apart. Maple will not splinter.

What size of bat is right for you?

Safe use of bats.

Wood baseball bats will eventually wear out, especially when being hit at intense speeds. Maple bats tend to break in bigger pieces. To avoid breakage, retire the bat as you start to see deterioration and order a new one from Infinity Bats.   

About your Infinity Bat

Your Infinity Bat is made from a single piece of hard wood maple.  Each billet is hand chosen to ensure strength and inspected for safety.


If your bat is 32" in length and is -5, then your bat will weigh 27 ounces.  If your bat is 32" in length and is -3, then your bat will weigh 29 ounces.  


Cupping is the removal of wood from the end of the bat.  The purpose of this is to remove weight from the bat.  The maximum cupping depth on our adult bats is 1.5".   On our youth bats, fungos, and trophy bats, little to no cupping is necessary. 

Where is the "sweet spot"?

When you are at the plate have the Infinity Bats logo look you in the eye or facing the ground. We put our bat decal on top of the grain to ensure the best possible contact with the sweet spot.  That way you will be hitting on the side where the grains are layered.  This will help the player to hit with the right spot and increase longevity with the bat.

How should I care for my bat?

Extreme moisture and cold for an extended period of time is not good for your wood bat.  Our suggestion is to bring your bat indoors (not just in the garage) and place against a wall in a vertical position.  

Using rubber balls from machines:

The hard rubber balls that are used in pitching machines are extremely tough on wood bats.  If you intend to use the bat in the cages with a machine, we suggest using a bat protective sleeve or using first aid tape to tape the ends.  The tape can be removed without much residue left on the bat.